January 28: National Blueberry Pancake Day

Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day! I don't know how you're going to celebrate, but I decided to write a love letter to my favorite blueberry pancakes in the world. No, they're not fancy. But you must believe me in that these pancakes are special. They come from the Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

Photo licensed via Creative Commons by Flickr member  Eugene Kim

Photo licensed via Creative Commons by Flickr member Eugene Kim

Dear Blueberry Pancakes from Dutch Eating Place in the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia,

How do I love thee, let me count the ways? 

From the first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I needed to have you. It was an innocent moment: I had just moved to Philadelphia and was idly looking at what looked like an Amish Diner while checking out the Reading Terminal Market in my new neighborhood. Dutch Eating Place, it was called. 

At first, I couldn't even tell what you were, quite; so huge you were, with a mere two pancakes occupying an entire cake plate-sized platter. Not preciously arranged, no fruit garnish on the side, but unapologetically carb-o-rich and just begging to be tasted. Could this be what the Amish Diner people considered breakfast? 

Your scent was overpowering and alluring. I don't even LIKE pancakes, much less blueberry pancakes. While I don't hate them, I'd much rather have eggs benedict or a breakfast burrito in the AM. But you were special, Blueberry Pancakes from Dutch Eating Place.

It didn't take long for me to return to feast upon you, Pancakes. You're coyly presented on the menu as a "short stack"--as if that little nickname was a big enough phrase for your absolute AM glory. A mere few minutes and less than $5.00 later, you arrived.

You were delivered steaming and huge, with a pat of butter on top, roughly the size of a deck of cards, gently melting in the absolute most seductive way. 

You did not disappoint, dear Pancakes. You were the finest blueberry pancakes I have ever tasted--fat yet fluffy, with blueberries that taste sweet and tart and have a pleasingly plump texture (not dehydrated, not weird). I ate way more of you than I needed to, because I simply didn't want your flavor to end. 

I would come back to you again and again during my year in Philadelphia, and whenever I had out of town visitors, I would bring them, too. We had some good times, Blueberry Pancakes from Dutch Eating Place. I no longer live in Philadelphia, but you will always live on in my heart. 



P.S. Readers! If you are in or near Philadelphia and you've never been to this place...go. More info here.