February 9: National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day

Today is National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day. Or as I call it, "New Jersey Food Day". Yes, New York food, too, but I grew up in New Jersey so that's my association. 

On this hallowed day, I thought I would remind you of some of the brilliant relevant recipes I've posted around the web. 

1. Homemade bagels.

Yes, you can make your own bagels. It will impress everyone (that matters, after all) and they taste freaking amazing. Recipe here.

2. Homemade cream cheese.

Possibly even more impressive than making your own bagels? DIY cream cheese. After all, that's something you buy, not make, right? It's awesome. Do it. Recipe here.

3. Homemade bagel balls.

Combine homemade bagels and homemade cream cheese in an adorable bite-sized form with these homemade bagel balls. OMG! Recipe here.


4. No-knead pizza crust

No need to knead this dough! This easy pizza dough comes together in minutes and requires no kneading. Recipe here.

5. No-knead, no rise pizza crust

Love the idea of the no-knead crust, but thinking "aw gee whiz, I have to wait for it to rise?". Nope. This alternative recipe requires no kneading and no rising. Perfect for pizza in a hurry! Recipe here.

6. Gluten-free pizza on a squash crust

No grains? No gluten? No problem. This pizza is prepared on a squash crust and while it doesn't taste just like a flour dough (how could it?) it is awfully tasty in its own right! Recipe here.

7. Sticky buns made from pizza dough (yes!)

Dessert from pizza dough? You'd better believe it. Sweeten up your pizza dough with sticky bun toppings for a most memorable breakfast-dessert. Recipe here.

How will you celebrate this hallowed day?