You've Got To Make Fantan Rolls!

You've just got to! They're so much easier to make than they look!

These buttery fantan rolls taste like parker house rolls, but have an even more fun shape. They pull apart, so buttering individual strips of your roll is fun and a highly delicious way to enjoy bread. 

I made these recently for the Craftsy blog and have to tell you, they made me feel the most enormous sense of accomplishment.

You too can feel this accomplishment - - 

Find the recipe here!

Experiencing Artist's (or a Creative) Block? Try these Tips.

It's an unfortunate fact: every creative type goes through artistic dry spells. 

Happily, they don't need to last forever. I recently wrote what I think is an A+ article for, regarding some tried and true ways to overcome artist's block.

While it's written from the point of view of a visual artist, the tips are fairly universal and can be applied to any creative process.

Check it out and save these ideas for the next time you're feeling stuck! And if you have a tip for you you combat creative blocks, please leave it here or on the Craftsy post! 

Full article here. 

September 27: National Drink Beer Day

Finally, it's National Drink Beer Day. So drink some beer, but put it in your cake (or cookies or bread), too, because baking with beer can yield delicious results.

I wrote what I think is a tremendous post on the basics of baking with beer: what types of recipes you can use, some different methods, and general tips. Hopefully it will inspire you to try your hand at baking with beer!

Full post here.

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